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Toilet Safety Rails Toilet Handles for Elderly Handicap Bathroom Safety Frame

Toilet Safety Rails Toilet Handles for Elderly Handicap Bathroom Safety Frame

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Features & details

Universally Compatible: Our Toilet Safety Rails fit all

standard toilets, offering a versatile solution with a

width of 23” between arms and an adjustable height

range of 28” to 36” inches from floor to the highest

point of the arm. These dimensions cater to various

custom needs and toilet seats, supporting users up to

300 lbs.

• Enhanced Safety with 360° Rotation: The toilet safety

handles feature a 360°rotating anti-slip clip on both

sides. This innovative design ensures stable

placement next to the toilet, eliminating any risk of

rollover. Adjusting the angle and tightness of the clip

provides a secure and reliable support.

• Comfort-Driven Ergonomics: Crafted with durable

non-slip foam, the armrests of our handicapped toilet

seat guarantee sustained use and accommodate

substantial weight. The soft and comfortable grip

enhances the sitting experience and facilitates easy


• Advanced Non-Slip Mats: Our toilet safety frame is

equipped with four large, upgraded non-slip mats.

These improvements significantly enhance stability,

addressing concerns about falls for seniors or

individuals with disabilities.

• Effortless Installation: Installing our toilet safety

frame is a breeze, requiring no specialized tools.

Simply center the frame around your existing toilet

bowl and adjust the rotating clips. Lightweight,

durable, and corrosion-resistant, it’s built for long-

term use, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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