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Red Light Therapy Mask, Led Contour Face Mask Light Therapy Wrinkle, 7 Colors

Red Light Therapy Mask, Led Contour Face Mask Light Therapy Wrinkle, 7 Colors

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  • Red Light Therapy for Face: Red masks use a specific broad spectrum of light to shine directly on the surface of the skin. It can penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, selectively act on subcutaneous pigmentation or blood vessels, break down dark spots, close the skin, promote the growth of skin collagen, and carry out deep skin beauty care. Shrinks pores and promotes aerobic respiration of the skin.
  • High Environmental Protection Silicone Mask: We use more comfortable silicone eco-friendly materials, high temperature resistance, trigger from a health and environmental protection point of view, so that you can enjoy without stress.
  • 7 Modes of Light Mask: 7 kinds of lights provide different energy, multi-level cooperation with each other, promote the perfect integration of skin and energy molecules, open the code of the bottom layer of the skin, awaken your confidence and beauty!
  • Multi-scenario Applications: Humanized design portable power supply, you can use it at work, home, travel, if you set up a beauty salon outside, bring it, not only can the skin show new vitality, but also shorten the distance between the soul.


Charging Interface: Type-C

Suitable for skin type: acne, sensitive, flaccid, dullness

Light wave type: blue + yellow + red + purple + green + white + orange

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