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Infrared Light 275W Near Red Infrared Heat Lamp for Relieve Pain and Muscle Ache

Infrared Light 275W Near Red Infrared Heat Lamp for Relieve Pain and Muscle Ache

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If you are suffering from back pain or wounds that are difficult to heal, you can try to use our infrared light stand to help you ease the pain. This light has many benefits such as improving blood circulation, wound healing and pain relief. So you can have a healthier body with it. 360 ° rotatable tube and universal wheels are also very convenient for you to move to take care of all corners of the body. It will be the guardian of your healthy body!

Key Features

Multi-function: This infrared light stand allows infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin to promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism to relieve various pain and promote wound healing. In addition, infrared light can also be anti-inflammatory, and can repair the body's damaged tissue! You can use it to treat a variety of physical conditions.

High-quality Material: This light is made of sturdy and durable iron and plastic. Moreover, it is installed with a high-quality explosion-proof infrared bulb. So it can be used for a long time.

Height Adjustable: The height of this light can be adjusted within 4-5.2ft to meet your different usage needs by rotating the height adjustment knob. You can choose to use it lying down or standing.

Temperature Adjustable: This infrared light has 10 temperature settings to adjust your preferred temperature within 8-70°C. Different physical problems can be treated at different temperatures.

Safe to Use: The light is very safe to use at recommended exposure times. Besides, the explosion-proof bulb can withstand high temperatures, which makes it safer to use. So you can use it with confidence.

Timing Function: To avoid your incorrect use for too long or too short, we have designed a timing system for this light, which can be timed within 5-60 minutes.

360° Rotatable: The hose of the lamp can be rotated by 360°. You can freely adjust the angle to let it illuminate all corners of your body.

Remote Controllable: In addition to being able to operate this light with the control panel on the light pole, you can also operate it by remote control. You can freely control its on/off, temperature and timing without getting up.

Good Ventilation: The housing holes and the metal mesh shade can well dissipate the heat of the bulb to extend its life.

Easy to Move: The base of this infrared light is equipped with 5 universal wheels, so even the elderly can easily move it to use.

Easy to Assemble: This light is not only simple in structure but also has the necessary accessories for you. So it is very easy to assemble.

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