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ICU Fully Electric Multi-Purpose Hospital Bed with IV Pole, Mattress

ICU Fully Electric Multi-Purpose Hospital Bed with IV Pole, Mattress

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Epachois Nursing Bed: Advanced Medical Support

The Epachois Nursing Bed is a revolution in patient care, meticulously designed to meet technical specifications. Constructed of high-quality cold-rolled steel, the bed's single-ply stamped bed surface ensures durability and comfort for unparalleled medical support.

Enhanced mobility and stability

The bed is equipped with premium silent center control wheels and split lift guardrails to ensure optimal patient mobility and safety. The headboard and footboard are removable, and the mattress is made of natural coconut fiber and high-density foam for special care and emergency resuscitation needs. Enhance patient care with an Epachois nursing bed today.

- ULTIMATE COMFORT: The Epachois offers 5 premium features including Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg motion, adjustable head, knee and foot, and a 530 lb. weight capacity for unmatched comfort and support.

- Ease of Mobility: 4 large, silent swivel casters, liftable guardrails and IV pole for easy mobility and maneuverability, ideal for home or assisted living facilities.

- Advanced Safety Features: A central locking system with 6-inch casters and brake pedal ensures stability and safety when used on a variety of surfaces, while a shock-resistant junction box and durable end panels enhance safety.

- Prevents Bed Sores: The mattress is designed with memory latex to provide a comfortable top layer and palm panels for effective back support, enhancing patient comfort and preventing bed sores.

- Size, Weight Limits and Warranty: With a weight limit of up to 530 pounds, a 78 x 35-inch bed surface, and a 1-year warranty on the motor and 5-year warranty on the bed frame, the Epachois bed ensures reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

Specifications and Functional Requirements: The bed board measures 1950mm in length and 900mm in width. The bed frame has dimensions of 198mm in length and 900mm in width. The overall dimensions are 2200mm in length, 1080mm in width, and an adjustable height ranging from 440mm to 710mm. The backrest can be adjusted from 0 to 75 degrees, and the knee section can be elevated from 0 to 35 degrees. Additionally, the bed allows for a knee tilt (backward) of 0 to 15 degrees and a head tilt (forward) of 0 to 15 degrees. The bed's height can be adjusted between 440mm and 710mm.

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