Collection: Hospitality Aids

Could you benefit from using hospitality aids in your home? Browse through our wide selection of home hospitality aids.

There are several reasons why you can benefit from using hospitality aids in your home:

  • Increased independence and privacy
  • Improved safety in the home
  • Reduced dependence on caregivers
  • Enhanced quality of life

Why might benefit from using home hospitality aids?

Hospitality aids may be required temporarily or for ongoing everyday use. These aids might be helpful for the following people:

  • Elderly and frail people
  • Post-admission hospital patients who had surgery or another type of medical procedure
  • People who have injured themselves in some way
  • Disabled persons who require assistance with everyday living

Gurneys and stretchers

Gurneys and stretchers are rolling devices used to move people from one place to another in the home or outside. These aids are adjustable and can be positioned in a variety of ways to maintain a high level of comfort for the user. A variety of different types of gurneys and stretchers are available for different purposes. For example, some are specifically designed for use in the shower and are water resistant, and some are constructed with a more durable frame and all-terrain features making them ideal for outside activities.

Bedside commodes:
Bedsides commodes provide a portable option if getting to a bathroom facility is difficult. These aids are commonly used by people who have limited mobility. They consist of a frame, back rest, toilet seat, and pan to collect waste underneath. Bedside commodes are available in numerous styles with different features. Some commodes are portable making them convenient to travel with.

Transfer chairs:
Transfer chairs are used by caregivers and individuals to assist a person with moving from one place to another. This aid is used to slide the patient from a wheelchair to a bed, commode, bathtub, chair or car. To use a transfer chair, the patient slides along a flat surface or moves from one seat to another. Transfer chairs can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. All transfer aids are smooth and have rounded edges for safety. Some have extra features such as handles, sliding or swiveling seats, and anchor straps. Transfer chairs eliminate the need to lift patients short distances and allow for more independence.
Bathroom aids:

Bathroom aids enable elderly people and disabled patients to perform common tasks. Bathroom aids such as specialty toilet seats, shower massagers, self-wipe bathroom toilet aids, fog-less mirrors, weight scales, and bathroom cleaning aids help caregivers and patients accomplish necessary daily personal hygiene chores more easily.

Bedroom aids:
Bedroom aids can make it easier to care for loved ones and patients or for a person to care for him or herself. These aids enhance comfort and independence and are ideal for elderly or disabled patients or anyone with limited mobility. Bedroom aids improve quality of life for patients that spend a significant amount of time in the bedroom. Speciality pillows, safety bedrails, overlays, bedside tables, and positioning cushions are examples of bedroom aids.

We offer a variety of hospitality aids for your specific needs. Browse through our wide range of hospitality aids to help you or your loved one live better each day.