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Source Naturals Bones & Joints

Source Naturals GlucosaMend 60mg glucosamine complex tablets - 120 ea

Source Naturals GlucosaMend 60mg glucosamine complex tablets - 120 ea

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Support normal tissue repair function.
Source Naturals GlucosaMend glucosamine complex tablets
  • Glucosamine tissueor joint repair complex.
  • GlucosaMend is a comprehensive natural product available for tissue repair and joint flexibility.
  • It is the first product to incorporate both N-acetyl glucosamine and glucosamine sulfate, two key amino sugars which are critical components of virtually all connective tissues and lubricating fluids in the body.
  • It also contains well-known soothing herbal extracts such as Boswellia, grape seed extract, and quercetin.
  • Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin E and selenium are needed for protection against free radicals and for the normal growth and repair of body tissues.
  • GlucosaMend can be used by seniors, athletes, or anyone wanting to support normal tissue repair function.
  • Free Of: Yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, sugar, artificial color, flavor and fragrance.

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