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Source Naturals Arthred for healthy joint function - 9 oz

Source Naturals Arthred for healthy joint function - 9 oz

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Provides nutritional support for healthy joint function.
Source Naturals Arthred for healthy joint function
  • Patented.
  • Nutritional Support for Healthy Joint Function.
  • Dietary Supplement.


  • Arthred is a dietary supplement that can help resyn-thesize and preserve collagen and counteract some of the wear and tear of the joints.
  • Arthred is produced by a unique enzymatic hydrolyzation process, which ren-ders a product of very low molecular weight that is then spray-dried into an extremely stable agglome-rated powder form.
  • Arthred was developed in Germany from bovine cartilage, based on research showing its benefits for connective tissue.
  • Arthred's 19 amino acids are the building blocks for joint cartilage. As one of the most comprehensively tested food supplements available today, Arthred is a very safe product.

How it works

Human joints are subject to continuous wear and tear, and in response, the body naturally works to rebuild the joint cartilage. Arthred helps the body to build up cartilage by providing collagen. How does this work? Because of its excellent digestibility, Arthred is well absorbed through the intestines and works to increase the serum levels of the amino acids that form collagen. Once these amino acids have reached the joints via the cardiovascular system, they act as raw materials for the metabolically active cartilage cells. In this way, they contribute to healthy joint structure and function.

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