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Playtex Baby Care

Playtex lil gripper straw trainer - 2 ea

Playtex lil gripper straw trainer - 2 ea

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Eases transition from bottle or breastfeeding to sippy cups .
Playtex lil gripper straw trainer

Designed for children ages 4 months and up who are transitioning from bottles to sippy cups,TrainingTime cups promote independent drinking skills with unique features, like removable handles, soft silicone spout, and more!With our unique Twist 'n Click technology, Playtex cups are leak-proof, spill-proof and break-proof guaranteed! With easier twisting and a louder audible clicking sound so you know it's closed tight, Playtex makes it easy for moms to give their babies their first sip of independence without having to worry about big messes. Eases Transition to Sippy Cups.

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