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Naturtint Hair Color

Naturtint 8N Wheat Germ Blonde Permanent Hair Colorant - 5.28 oz

Naturtint 8N Wheat Germ Blonde Permanent Hair Colorant - 5.28 oz

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Brings more vibrant color to hair adding strength, condition and shine.
Naturtint 8N Wheat Germ Blonde Permanent Hair Colorant
  • Naturtint Green Technologies hair colorant delivers permanent coloring for 100% gray coverage without parabens, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, heavy metals, artificial fragrances, SLS or formaldehyde derivatives
  • Get 100% coverage without the chemicals with Naturtint Green Technologies Permanent hair colorant
  • Uses natural ingredients to provide 100% coverage
  • Ammonia and paraben free formula
  • This formula uses natural ingredients, including active vegetable ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat peptides that reduce hair breakage by up to 80% and sunflower extract to protect new color for up to five weeks
  • Natural ingredients deliver 100% gray coverage in Naturtint Green Technologies permanent hair colorant
  • Delivers intense and radiant color with natural ingredients
  • Ultra-intense, micro-pigments penetrate to the deepest layers of hair in Naturtints Dark Blonde (6N) permanent hair colorant
  • rovides intense, radiant color and 100% grey coverage
  • Discover Naturtint Green Technologies, the first 100% permanent hair colorant without ammonia formulated with active vegetable ingredients.
  • A unique and perfect union of colour and care.

Permanent Hair Colorantwith Selected Certified Organic Ingredients

  • 100% Grey cover
  • Intense and Radiant Color
  • No Ammonia
  • No Resorcinol
  • No Parabens
  • Green Technologies

Maximum Care

  • Ammonia and Resorcinol Free
    • Formulated without ammonia or resorcinol, colours hair gently so wont need to resort to repair treatments to keep hair looking great. Whats more, its ultra-mild formula allows to use Naturtint as often as need to touch-up roots.
  • Revitalises HairIts active plant ingredients protect and regenerate hair fibres, bringing back lost vitality and shine, even in hair damaged by aggressive colouring processes and threatments
  • Hair 3 Times Stronger
    • The Nutrideep Multiplier deep conditions and nourishes hair giving it 3 times its normal strength and volume. Hair fibres appear smooth and soft, bringing back the healthy shine of young, unspoilt hair.

    Maximum Colour

    • 100% Coverage
      • Its revolutionary formula provides 100% coverage, even of grey hair, permanently, from the first application.
      • Its the first hair colorant that is both healthy and effective.
    • Vibrant, Natural Colour
      • Ultra-intense micro-pigments penetrate to the deepest layers of hair, giving it an intense and vibrant colour that wont fade with washing.
    • Long-Lasting Colour
      • The powerful vegetable-based, solar-enhanced filter provides increased protection against the elements, letting hair maintain its intense colour for up to 5 weeks.

    Box Contains

    • Protective gloves
    • Instruction leaflet
    • Naturtint Colorant
    • Color Developer
    • Nutrideep Multiplier

    Naturtint nourishes and protects hair while providing color thats deep, vibrant and long lasting.

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