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Future Biotics

Futurebiotics cholesterol balance fiber complex capsules - 90 ea

Futurebiotics cholesterol balance fiber complex capsules - 90 ea

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Healthy cholesterol levels with in the normal range.
Futurebiotics Cholesterol balance fiber complex capsules
  • Features:
    • Cholesterolbalance.
    • Plant sterols fiber complex.
    • Clinically proven nutrients for healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range.
    • Viscofiber High viscosity beta-glucan concentrate helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
    • Plant Sterols - Natural complex including Beta-Sitosterol.
    • Policosanol - Clinically proven to help maintain healthy blood lipid levels.
  • Viscofiber is a high viscosity beta-glucan concentrate (non-digestible polysaccharides) derived from oats that has been shown to be 20-30 times more viscous than regular beta glucan extract.
  • Health experts "accept viscosity as a major physiochemical property responsible for physiological effects of consuming soluble fiber", critical in regulating healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Providing natural whole-food co-factors, a blend of twelve different vegetables have been added for a complete, cholesterol support formula.
  • CholesterolBalance - taking inspiration from Nature. This 100% vegetarian product has an aromatic botanical essence added, along with natural whole plant co-factors from twelve different healthy vegetables.

Clinical research has proven that beta-glucan, plant sterols and policosanol help support healthy cholesterol levels. CholesterolBalance supports healthy cholesterol levels with scientifically proven ingredients and whole-food natural co-factors from twelve healthy vegetables.

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